Dedicated to sustained conservation of native animal and plant species in the Southwest Bioregion.

The Wildlife Habitat Conservation Coalition (WHCC) is comprised of 17 local conservation organizations.  We engage and advocate on significant governmental decisions, development projects, and policy in order to defend and uphold environmental protection rules, protect habitat, and hold government accountable.

We work in coalition to:

  • Preserve and protect the San Diego County General Plan and defeat inappropriate projects such as
  • Secure adoption of an effective North County Multiple Species Conservation Plan 
  • Secure a quality DeAnza Cove restoration plan  ReWild Mission Bay
  • Revise plans for Village 13 and 14 that will protect breeding territories of the Golden Eagle and improve chances of survival of the quino checkerspot butterfly.
  • Secure adoption and implementation of a quality Climate Action Plan by San Diego County.
  • Secure completion of Subarea Habitat Plans in Escondido, Oceanside, Vista, and Encinitas
  • Secure a path forward for a regional funding source for the MSCP

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