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The opportunity to directly experience our beautiful natural resources is an important part of being a San Diegan and a present or future steward of those resources. That is why the Environmental Center of San Diego is committed to supporting appropriate public environmental programs.

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The Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Coalition

Dedicated to sustained conservation of native animal and plant species in the Southwest Bioregion. The Wildlife Habitat Conservation Coalition (WHCC) is comprised of 17 local conservation organizations.  We engage and advocate on significant governmental decisions,...

Princess Street Public Beach Access

By Anthony Ciani, local coastal access advocate The coastal bluff promontory at Princess Street in La Jolla provides a scenic overlook to Pacific Ocean and intimate pocket beach in the foreground and to the mammoth sea caves and Goldfish Point beyond. The ocean at...

North County Multiple Species Conservation and Vegetation Plan

Regional habitat planning is critical to the success of wildlife and plant species in San Diego County.  The next most important planning effort is underway now in North County.  We urge everyone who cares about animal and plant life to become involved in this effort....

Special Species Campaign to Save San Diego County’s Golden Eagles

Special Species Campaign to Save San Diego County’s Golden Eagles

Join our Special Species Campaign to Save San Diego County's Golden Eagles Sign up here to stay up-to-date on the Golden eagle The Golden Eagle is one of the most magnificent birds we have in San Diego County.  To see a Golden Eagle flying is a rare and lucky sighting...

Environmental Leadership Summit 2018

Second Environmental Summit, September 29th. A summary of the issues. San Diego at the Tipping Point. Leaders gather to addresses Transportation, Climate, Biodiversity, and Housing needs at Environmental Summit.

Comment by JULY 11 to support ReWild Mission Bay

Comments due July 11th: Speak up for wetlands and the wildlife that depend on them by commenting on the City's NOP  You can visit this link to learn more   Dear wetland supporters,   Thank you...

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