We have several special projects underway

  1. Princess Street Coastal Access Trail
  2. Save Our Special Species Education Program
  3. Re-Wild Mission Bay
  4. Escondido Neighbors United

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1. Princess Street Coastal Access Trail

ECO San Diego is the sponsor of a long-awaited public access promised years ago at Princess Street in La Jolla.  

Potential path for beach access
Photos of the area

2. Save our Special San Diego Species Education Campaign

To learn more please visitSave Our Special Species 


A Save Our Special Species Campaign 

Learn more here Respect the Eagle WebPage

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Photos of some of our San Diego Special Species

Burrowing Owls

Quino Checkerspot Butterfly

Steelhead Trout

Golden Eagle

3. ReWild Mission Bay

ReWild Mission Bay is a project to enhance and restore up to 170 acres of wetlands in the northeast corner of Mission Bay, creating opportunity for wildlife to thrive and San Diegans to enjoy nature in their own backyard. Wetlands keep our communities beautiful, supply habitat for local wildlife, and provide clean water for us. Wetlands are an important part of our natural legacy in San Diego and are worth protecting.  Learn more about our stance on the issue of  ReWild Mission Bay

4.  Escondido Neighbors United

An alliance of engaged residents working for the benefit of rural, urban, and natural communities in the Escondido Area. 

Escondido Neighbors United (ENU) was formed when Escondido residents came together to respond to issues and to improve our community. We saw that people had many concerns about what was happening and what was not happening in Escondido. We are a diverse group of residents and come from all over the area, with different backgrounds, cultures, political affiliations, spiritual traditions, and different life experiences. However, we found that we had a lot in common about what kind of neighborhood, community, and world we wanted to live in.  Our mission is to clean up, restore, and protect our health, our neighborhoods, and our environment while celebrating and promoting positive actions that can be taken to reduce climate change, grow and strengthen our community, and protect the planet. Specifically, ENU is working to remediate the Chatham Barrel Yard waste site, protect and enhance Felicita Park, and stop pollution discharges into Felicita Creek. We also share information about the ‘Jewels of Escondido’ and encourage people to engage in their communities and local businesses. ENU is grateful to ECO San Diego for supporting us through project sponsorship.

Please visit our page here  Escondido Neighbors United Webpage or join our Blog