“For in the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.”  (Baba Dioum)

ECO San Diego’s education programs are focused on K-12 children.  We help them connect, understand, appreciate, and love our local species.


ECO is working to involve, educate, and activate people by conducting a Save Our Special San Diego Species education campaign. We offer presentations for schools and groups of all ages on keystone species threatened in our region that are present in their own ‘habitat’.  In South County, we help children become more aware of Burrowing Owls, Golden Eagles, and quino checkerspot butterflies.  In North County, we share about the needs of Bobcats, California Gnatcatchers, and Horned Lizards. We also have presentations on sensitive habitats like Vernal Pools and how to protect them.   We use creative activities to encourage hands-on learning such as making a Burrowing Owl stuffed animal, Eagle flag/kite, and Butterfly mask while learning the natural history and challenges faced by these special species.

To learn more, please join our Special Species Education Crew by emailing  If you are a teacher, we’d love your help or to come to your class!



A Save Our Special Species Campaign 

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We have a pattern so that anyone can ‘make’ their own Burrowing Owl to keep them company.

Special challenges faced by vernal pools, our most endangered habitat

Vernal pools have special challenges since much of the year they are dry.  However, with rain these sensitive habitats come to life.  It will take education and awareness to protect these habitats in the future.   These photos are from the very rich Otay Mesa vernal pools that get heavily impacted by bikers in the park and need protection.

Role of rain in our local landscapes:  Anza Borrego Desert Superbloom

Vernal Pools aren’t the only landscape that is significantly changed by rain.  This year’s ‘superbloom’ in Anza Borrego was our best local example.