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Why Every Environmentalist Should Be Anti-Racist

From Vogue.com article: Why Every Environmentalist Should Be Anti-Racist, BY LEAH THOMAS, June 8, 2020

The human condition is being tested as never before

We hope you’re safe and taking the recommendations by the CDC seriously. For the time being we will be working behind the scenes on our Princess Street Coastal Trail, our annual Environmental Leadership Summit, Saving San Diego’s Special Species, and ReWild Mission Bay, among other projects. We intend to keep on doing what we do because the environment is vitally important for future generations.

Gone Paradise Fire Article

A sobering report on the problem of locating housing in extreme fire risk areas, such as is proposed with Harvest Hills in Escondido. Read especially part 2-4. JULY 31, 2019Gone Decades of greed, neglect, corruption, and bad politics led to last year’s Paradise fire,...

Birds Are Vanishing From North America

Another reason the Environmental Center of San Diego continues to work so hard to protect the environment. NY Times - By Carl Zimmer - Published Sept. 19, 2019 Updated Sept. 20, 2019, 11:03 a.m. ET The skies are emptying out. The number of birds in the United States...