Our Fourth Annual Environmental Leadership Summit is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2020.  Previous Summits have been in-person, but this year the Summit will be virtual.

Our 2020 focus is on the intersection of social justice and environmental activism.

After a short welcome, we will hear from our Keynote speaker Sonja Robinson, Chair of the Environmental and Climate Justice Committee for the NAACP San Diego Branch. That will be followed by four segments, with short breaks between segments. The first two segments will be panel discussions on Intersectional environmentalism: Equity and Inclusivity.

The third segment will be a series of short statements from candidates running for election in 2020. Each one will answer the question: “What steps will you take to increase social equity and environmental justice once elected?”

The final segment will be a series of short statements from local environmental organizations. Each one will answer the question: What will you do by the next summit to increase justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in your organization? Please let us know by email to contactecosd@gmail.com if your organization would like to respond to the question.

Thanks to our sponsors, there will be no charge for participation, but you must register in advance.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. For sponsorship information, contact Pam Heatherington at contactecosd@gmail.com